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Bitcoin Cash continues to set price records

Bitcoin Cash continues to set price records

At last session of the Bitcoin Cash increased by 12%, outperforming the General, “stand in the place of” the dynamics of the market thanks to information about the plans of the broker Coinbase support “the right hardwork. The media distributed the official response of the platform to the user, where the Support service indicates that after November 15, it will install the Bitcoin ABC update.

This is a new client program that changes the Bitcoin Cash algorithm, preparing It to work with smart contracts and introducing the ability to automatically exchange between blockchains with other coins through atomic swaps.

However, in late summer there’s an alternative embodiment, the hard forks company nChain and CoinGeek owning mining pools has developed the software of Bitcoin SV, which continues the policy of increasing block of the blockchain.

The lack of 95% consensus on the part of the owners of nodes when updating the network leads to the formation of two chains, each of which represents a new coin. As the blockchain Bitcoin Cash quite expensive for the capacity to do it full nodes mostly have mining pools and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Therefore, users have to wait for the response of these companies to understand which of the options will gain more mass support, especially in the part of exchanges, since the Deposit of Bitcoin Cash stored on them is converted into one of the options.

Coinbase-broker and platform Pro (former GDAX) in the evening of November 15 will stop servicing Bitcoin Cash, freezing all deposits at the time of the hard fork. Trading and operations with coins will begin only after a successful update of the network. Customers who do not agree with The chosen bitcoin ABC brokers option should withdraw BCH before the above number.


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