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Forum in Davos threatens to turn into a cryptocurrency scandal

Forum in Davos threatens to turn into a cryptocurrency scandal

At the forum in Davos we expect heated debate about who ismore important“: Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Supporters of both cryptocurrencies will probably not be able to find a common language, creating a scandal. About why the forum in Davos will be a kind of test of the cryptocurrency communityfor maturitysaid Coinlife permanent expert Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation.

The world economic forum (WEF), which is scheduled for the period from 22 to 25 January 2019, risks becoming an endless debate between supporters of various cryptocurrencies. One of the reasons may be an article that is posted on the official website of WEF under the title: “bitcoin10 years: where It started and where it is sent.” It is interesting that, as in the case of information materials, for example, with, it was not about bitcoin, but about Bitcoin Cash. Moreover, it was stated thatthe only blockchain that corresponds to the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto is Bitcoin Cash“. This statement caused a storm of discussions in social networks.

The fact that the topic of new financial technologies (blockchain and cryptocurrencies) will be the main one, said WEF President Berge Brand, which means that a hot discussion of which cryptocurrency isgenuinewill leave social networks in the conference halls of Davos, which threatens to turn into a cryptocurrency scandal.

In fact, the aggravation of the discussion around cryptocurrencies occurs in a situation when many teams realized that they have to fight for the attention of investors more and more, and the money collected on the ICO is not enough for the longterm development of the cryptocurrency business. It’s time to think about the fact that the ICO for many businesses should be renewed again, or to Finance cryptocurrency companies it will be necessary to issue a whole palette of tokens.

Be that as it may, the upcoming forum in Davos for the cryptocurrency community will be a good test of maturity: how to move from meetups and meetings in the circle of those where everyone speaks approvingly about cryptocurrencies, to those formats of communication in which it will be necessary step by step, and many times to refute false conjectures about cryptocurrencies. And if some projects have strong teams, for example, who will speak on behalf of bitcoin? The decentralized nature of this cryptocurrency has left it without a welldefined team of communicators who could compete with representatives of the Bitcoin Cash support group. They, in turn, conduct centralized work to increase awareness of the image of this cryptocurrency. And it bears fruit: it is enough to look at the fact that while bitcoin has been standing still for several months, Bitcoin Cash has risen by a third in just a week.


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