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The ancient Palace in Malta is sold for bitcoins

The ancient Palace in Malta is sold for bitcoins

The old building in the center of Valletta (Malta), which is about 420 years old, is sold for cryptocurrency. The cost of real estate is about 32 million dollars, as payment the owner of the Palace wants to get the amount of bitcoins equivalent to this amount, according to the portal Bitcoinist.

Now the rate of the main cryptocurrency continues to fall and is at the level of 4.3 thousand dollars. However, even with the decline in the attractiveness of digital assets, bitcoin fans are still willing to accept it as a means of payment.

According to experts on the real estate market, the sale of residential and commercial premises for cryptocurrencies is a very risky step. Recently, bitcoin has shown the biggest drop this year, and no one can guarantee that the largest cryptocurrency will not fall in price further.

However, despite the skepticism on the part of real estate professionals, the world is growing the number of ads for the sale of luxury housing for digital assets. For example, Baroness Michelle Monet and Doug Barrowman (Michelle Mone and Doug Barrowman) announced their readiness to sell their property in Dubai for bitcoins.

At the moment, the largest and most expensive object sold for cryptocurrency is where the mansion of the XVI century with an area of up to 17 thousand square feet, which is located in Rome. The owners are ready to sell it for $ 42 million in cryptocurrency.

American financier Roy Niederhoffer also posted an announcement for the sale of bitcoins of his house, built in the late nineteenth century by the architect Clarence True.

Bitcoin is actively used in the sale of luxury goods. For example, the Swiss company Hublot has announced the release of a limited number of watches brand Big Bang Meca10 P2P, which can be bought only for bitcoins. The presale of this product started in early autumn, but only on November 6 the watch was presented to the public and experts.

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