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The Ohio state government will allow bitcoin to pay taxes

The Ohio state government will allow bitcoin to pay taxes

The leadership of the state of Ohio allowed companies registered in the region to pay taxes in bitcoins, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Companies that want to use the new method of payment of taxes, must register for ahhh! It is with the help of this resource that users will be able to pay any kind of duties and fees: from cigarette sales tax to insurance premiums for employees. In the near future, individual taxpayers will also be able to take advantage of this opportunity. It is important to note that Ohio became the first us state where taxes can now be paid using cryptocurrency.

Deputy Treasurer of Ohio, Josh Mandel, said that the use of the main cryptocurrency in the form of an official method of payment of taxes will allow the region to secure the status of one of the largest technology centers in the United States.

I seriously believe that bitcoin is an absolutely fullfledged form of currency and hope that other States will also recognize this,” Mandel said in a statement.

It is worth noting that this decision on the part of the authorities of Ohio does not make bitcoin a full currency. Previously, Arizona, Georgia and Illinois also wanted to use the main cryptocurrency as a way to pay taxes, but failed to get an official positive response from the state government. But Mandel argues that it does not require the approval of the legislative bodies of the United States to begin to use cryptocurrencies as a tool for the payment of taxes.

Previously, two major financial companies, the Cointree crypto exchange and the Gobbil automated bill payment service, signed an agreement under which their Australian clients will be able to pay taxes in cryptocurrency.

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