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Young Germans massively invest in cryptocurrency

Young Germans massively invest in cryptocurrency

Young Germans living in the provinces of Saxony and Hesse are massively involved in the crypto-sphere and invest their savings in bitcoin, as well as other digital assets. The last survey involved 1 thousand young Germans aged 18 to 29 years, 28% of them said they were ready to buy bitcoin or other digital currencies, according to the portal CCN.

This conclusion was reached by researchers from the center of German consumers who conducted a survey among German citizens living in the two regions of the country. The survey was also attended by the older generation of Germans under the age of 40 years, more than 50% of whom called investing in cryptocurrency a risky activity.

“The survey shows the growing interest of Germans in cryptocurrencies, as more than a quarter of young people are ready to invest in digital assets. This positive trend signals an overall improvement in the market situation. Today’s generation is a generation of smartphone users relies on innovative technology, so in addition to social networking and the Internet will continue to growing interest in digital currencies,” – said the head of the marketing Department of the company Lisk, Thomas Schouten (Schouten, Thomas).

However, the same expert notes the fact that the older generation of Germans is still wary of digital currencies. For example, German citizens aged 30 to 39 years are overwhelmingly not yet ready to invest their savings in the purchase of bitcoin.

Similar studies have been carried out in Asian countries, in which it was found that this region is more actively penetrates into the crypto-sphere in contrast to the traditionally conservative Europe. Thus, many Asian countries have already demonstrated high volumes of crypto-currency trading and are actively implementing blockchain technologies in their activities.

In the US, the situation is similar to European. Up to 70% of Americans said in a recent poll that they were still suspicious of digital assets. 75% of survey participants said that they know almost nothing about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


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